Join the Wonder Dojo

Want to help shape Knowledge Commons DC’s future? Join the Wonder Dojo, the school’s group of core organizers.

Dojo members—all volunteers—set KCDC’s course, both month-to-month and in the long term. They are responsible for programs, administration and development, and volunteer management. The Dojo also serves as the nonprofit’s board, providing oversight and strategic direction.


We seek Dojo members who:

Beyond these general qualifications, we have a need for all manner of hard and soft skills. Dojo members serve in a variety of roles, using their abilities in event organizing, managing and training volunteers, finding teachers and spaces, data analysis, communications, writing, editing, crafts, fundraising, grant writing, nonprofit business, design, software development, system administration, cooking, teaching, and generally being wonderful people. We hope that you can add to this list. 


Dojo members help to steer Knowledge Commons DC as a whole, and they also serve on one or more teams, working with volunteers and other Dojo members on particular tasks.

Our teams are:

Everyone can “wrangle” new teachers, class ideas, and space partners. Most Dojo members choose to help find and develop classes, but this role is optional.


We expect that Dojo members will:

We know that travel and busy periods arrive in everyone’s life, and Dojo members can take short leaves from their regular commitments. These positions are unpaid.


Get in touch with us at We would be happy to answer any questions, and we can meet with you to talk more. You are also welcome to attend organizing meetings, if you’d like to learn about the experience in-person.

Want to Apply?

We’re glad that you’re interested. Send a note to – nothing formal, and a couple of paragraphs would suffice. Tell us:

A Dojo member will meet with you. If your interest and KCDC’s needs align, we’ll invite you to three of our meetings so that you can get to know our organization. Then, the group will consider your application. We’ve found that new Dojo members are most successful when they have already volunteered or taught with KCDC for some time, but that experience is not required.