Class Materials Fees and Waivers

All of our teachers volunteer their time, but we sometimes charge a course fee to cover costs like materials, supplies, and—occasionally—admission to facilities that someone else runs. If a fee would prevent you from attending, please get in touch with us at contact@knowledgecommonsdc.org. We’re happy to waive fees so that you can join us at the class. You should also contact us if a class requires online pre-payment, but you would prefer to pay in cash.

Teaching and Classes

See the Teacher FAQ for information about what you should do as a teacher.


KCDC respects your privacy. We do not sell, lend, or otherwise distribute email lists or similar information to anyone else. We use the electronic data you share with us to help create the KCDC courses you choose, and to notify you of other upcoming KCDC courses and events. Sometimes we post photos of KCDC events on our website. That’s it. 

We’ll be glad to correct any private information you may have given us, remove you from our e-mail list, or take other reasonable steps to protect your privacy. Please write us at contact@knowledgecommonsdc.org if you have questions, concerns, or advice about KCDC’s digital privacy policies.

When you register on the website, propose a class, or volunteer, we’ll add your email address to our mailing list.

Privacy policy updated 3 May 2013.