28 January 2013

Class Report: Cooking with Snow

By Sonia Booth

It is a warm day in January and sun is streaming through the large windows in the space Above the Bike Shop. But that hasn’t deterred Knowledge Commons DC teacher, Willie Shubert, from following through on his latest cooking class adventure. Magically, he has filled the room with snow.  

8 January 2013

Class Report: What Does it Take to Ferment Something – Whey, Yes Whey!

By Erika Rydberg

At Just Add Microorganisms: Ferment Your Food and Drink, a course offered during the January 2013 Session of Knowledge Commons DC, I walked in with next to no knowledge about fermentation, and well I left with a milk bottle with some beets inside of it and the desire to start fermenting!

7 January 2013

Knowledge Commons DC Builds and Opens Pop Up School at Above the Bike Shop

By Erika Rydberg