30 January 2014

Class Report: British Television Appreciation

By Ilana Nutkis

Whilst sipping tea and snarfing biscuits, the class watched gripping, hilarious, disgusting, and often profane clips of shows from across the pond.

28 January 2014

Class Report: Conflict Resolution With Difficult People

By Sonia Booth

It’s possible to deal with that coworker/relative/roommate — the one who pushes all of your buttons at once — without turning to passive-aggressive notes. Or arsenic.

26 January 2014

Class Report: Salsa for Beginners

By Erika Rydberg

At Dance Place in Brookland, two local salsa stars taught students basic moves.

Class Report: Exploring the Murals of Richmond

By Erika Rydberg

Virginia’s capital city is a top destination for graffiti artists and their fans. Surprise!

25 January 2014

Class Report: Bitcoin for Beginners

By Greg Giles

The digital currency that few can explain thoroughly yet succinctly was explained thoroughly yet succinctly at this class.

21 January 2014

Class Report: Faster, Stronger, Fewer Semicolons! Build a Website With Jekyll

Students learned the wonders of Jekyll, a database-free web content management system, and other “indie” CMSes. And you can too, with these resources.

Class Report: Create Your Own Art Light Box

By Holly J. Morris

1, cut a hole in a box;
2, put a bulb in that box;
3, plug in that box;
And that’s the way you do it.

18 January 2014

Class Report: Songwriting for Superheroes

By Daniel Hollander

You can’t force inspiration — but you can be ready to burst into song when it happens by.

Class Report: Spice Up Your Writing Using Culinary History

By Holly J. Morris

We never enter the kitchen alone; someone has always been there before. Students discovered how those someones, and the lore, recipes, and documents they leave behind, can enrich one’s food writing.

15 January 2014

Class Report: Back to Basics: Finding Your Own Personal Style

By Ilana Nutkis

“Style will get you in the door, but substance will keep you there.” Teacher Pearlette Merriweather showed students that they can stay true to themselves and look smashing.

14 January 2014

Class Report: Make It Work! Mending and Fixing Clothes

Record-breaking low temperatures didn’t stop students from bringing themselves and their wounded garb to SCRAP DC, where they learned to fix clothes with something other than duct tape and safety pins.

11 January 2014

Class Report: Recyling D.C.’s Nutrients Back to Its Soils

The Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant: Where poop goes in and clean, tasty (for plants) biosolids go out. Not to mention water. And, coming this year, electricity.

6 January 2014

Class Report: Decoding the Russian Alphabet

After this class, students will never be unable to find a Starbucks, Burger King, or Cinnabon in Russia.