10 February 2014

Class Report: Bye, the Farm: Easy Vegan Cooking

By Daniel Hollander

This hands-on class was hosted by D.C.’s own Brainfood, a non-profit that trains high schoolers in leadership and cooking. Students made and devoured vegan cookies.

9 February 2014

Class Report: Protests, Politics and Penalty Kicks: The 2014 World Cup

What can we learn about a community, culture, or country through its soccer style? And how does the World Cup play into a nation’s identity? Discuss.

8 February 2014

Class Report: You Are the First Organization That You Must Master

By Greg Giles

Among the lessons learned: Leaders are made, not born, and you need to call your mom more.

7 February 2014

Class Report: How to Make a Not-Terrible Website

By Greg Giles

This class was originally named “How to Make a Not-Crappy Website,” but DCPL made us change it.