24 May 2014

Class Report: Paint With Your Food

By Erika Rydberg

Soaking black beans in water leads to unique works of art. And very wet beans.

18 May 2014

Class Report: Intro to American Whiskey

By Erika Rydberg

Students’ brains were bathed in America’s most-spirited spirit.

17 May 2014

Class Report: Write to Relax

By Daniel Hollander

But don’t get so relaxed you can’t hold the pen with which you’re writing to relax.

10 May 2014

Class Report: Social Media 101

By Ilana Nutkis

If only the rest of the Internet would learn this lesson: “Ask yourself, ‘Who cares about this?’ If the answer is ‘no one,’ don’t post it.”

Class Report: Live Deliberately: Be Happier, Healthier, and More Productive

By Yumi Rydlun

The secret to happiness is revealed!

Wait, did you think we meant in this post?