31 May 2017

Class Report: U Street Murals Art Walk

By Ari Hock

Walk with us through the alleyways of U Street’s ongoing cultural legacy.

18 May 2017

Class Report: 20/20 — Bringing Your Vision to Life

By Melinda Tolliver

A vision board does not equal a magical manifestation of your goals — but it is a good way to start thinking about them more concretely.

11 May 2017

Class Report: Spring Tree Identification

By Lauren Hauptman

“Lots of things are expensive. Looking at trees is free.”

8 May 2017

Class Report: The Revolution Will Not Be Whispered

By Andrew Carpenter

Amplify your voice and the voices of those around you.

6 May 2017

Class Report: Meet Your Anacostia River: A Boat Tour

By Oana Leahu-Aluas

We’re making exciting progress toward a clean, swimmable Anacostia River, but a huge amount of work remains!