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Behind the Scenes — Glen’s Garden Market

Nestled on a side street in Dupont Circle, Glen’s Garden Market’s front patio, bar, and grocery store are a welcome stop on any commute home — especially if you’re taking a break to kick back with one of their $4 drafts.    

The local grocery store, soon to launch a second location in Shaw, opened its doors to KCDC to give curious folks a peek into its kitchen and aisles. Below is a glimpse of what we learned:

Founded by Danielle Vogel, above, in 2013, Glen’s mostly stocks products made or grown in the states that make up the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

The store’s interior is fashioned with sustainable and reclaimed materials. It gives off a rustic charm that makes you feel like you’re at a rural grocer’s rather than in the middle of the city.

Because Glen’s has a no-waste kitchen mandate, its chefs tend to get creative with what’s left in the refrigerator. Kale pesto, anyone?

Glen’s serves up $4 draft beers — also from Chesapeake Bay Watershed states — that you can consume at the bar, while you walk around the store, or when chilling outside at one the welcoming communal tables.

Glen’s has helped launch more than 40 businesses by giving them shelf space at the store. This small business is watching out for the other little guys to keep the local food movement going strong.