Class Report

Bread for the Masses - How to Make Delicious No-Knead Bread

Teacher: Danielle Witt, left
Location: Chez Danielle
Date: March 1, 2015

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Danielle shared not only bread-making skills, but her clear love for the art. On a rainy, sleety day, she welcomed us into her warm kitchen, which smelled like fresh bread.

She started the class with the loaf-forming stage, so she could get some dough in the oven. We would see the final product at the end of the class, after learning all the steps in between.

Techniques included how shape dough, how to cut it artistically, and how to tell the difference between formed and non formed breads. She even baked some breads the night before, to make sure we could see how different loaves look, once baked.

Then she walked us through the bread-making process, teaching us many little tips she’s learned through trial and error. We learned how to test whether yeast is still alive, how to keep yeast alive, and how to tell when the dough has the proper consistency.

In the end, sent each of us home with a bit of dough — what a treat!