Class Report

Crash Course in Ruby on Rails

Teachers: Andy Fiedler (left) and Sean Perkins, freelance developers
Facilitator: Holly J. Morris

What was the strangest thing you learned?
Holly: That there’s this website that trawls github for angry late-night git commit log entries.

What did you learn that you can put into use immediately?
Holly: That deploying an app to the cloud using Heroku is shockingly easy.

What acronyms did you learn?
Holly: CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and MVC (Model View Controller) were two.

What can one read or do for more information?
This is the tutorial the class was based on.

Code School: They have some quick, free tutorials that help solidify a few Ruby and Rails concepts.

Code Academy: If you want to get good with Rails, you will need to understand more about Ruby. Code Academy has some great tutorials to teach you control structures, objects, and other basic Ruby coding fun.

RailsCasts: These are great videos about simple and high-level Rails development.