Class Report

Finally - We’re Allowed to Play with our Food - Making Food Sculptures (Recipe Included!)

We’ve all heard it from our parents when we’re young - “Stop playing with your food!” If only your mom and dad had known you could create a successful career out of playing with food.  This past week teacher Sonia Booth invited students to come over and rebel agaist prim and proper table manners, and just play with food (and eat a little bit too). The results are below. In additon we found out about the creative power of Wonderbread, which makes the most awesome clay. Playing with Wonderbread as a craft material was particularly appropriate as we were making our  creatures close to what was once DC’s own Wonderbread Factory. The recipe is below pineapple man and friends. 

Object made in class

Wonderbread Clay

1 slice of Wonderbread, crusts removed

1 tablespoon of Elmers or other liquid glue 


1. Rip bread into 1 inch pieces and put in container

2. Add in a tablespoon of glue

3. Mix with your hands,  add in more glue if needed and continue to mix until you reach a Playdough-like consitancy. 

4. Add in food coloring for fun colors

5. Mold clay and let dry for eight hours…you’ve made Wonderbread into something more processed than it started out (and people will never know).   

Erika Rydberg, a D.C. transplant from the northernly lands of Boston, got involved with Knowledge Commons DC after an awesome experience in a Brookline, Mass., community skillshare during her college days. By day she works at a library and by night she can be found performing poetry, listening to music, or cooking copious amounts of vegetarian food.