Class Report

The Future Is in Your Palms!

Teacher: Katherine Jessup (above)
Location: Analog
Documentarian: Ashley Westby
Date: Sept. 24, 2014

Our hands (say practitioners of palmistry) can give us a deeper understanding of ourselves — our health, our personality, and even our future. Just as those aspects of our lives change over time, so do our palms change with age.

In the palmistry world, we learned, your dominant hand relates to events in your lifetime, and is more prone to change. The non-dominant hand is linked to permanent personality traits and is less likely to change.

Palmists use the heart line to determine one’s ability to communicate with and form attachments to others. If the line is straight, you may have the naive view that a perfect relationship exists. If the line is deep, your are at peace with your emotions.

Your decision-making skills can be intuited from the head line. If it’s straight, you may be a linear, realistic thinker. A wavy line indicates you could be less decisive, but are creative and able to think outside the box.

We took some time and drew the major lines on our hand (head, heart, physical, and fate) and examined each other’s palms. It was interesting to see who agreed with their palms and who didn’t — for the most part, students identified with the messages of their palms. Plus, we got to draw on our hands.

There is a ton of information online about palm reading, and the Psychic Libary’s Palmistry Room offers some excellent guidance. Future students should know that this class was a lot of fun and gives you a cool parlor trick for parties.