Teacher Feature

Meet Holly J. Morris

Teacher Feature is a new way to share more with the Knowledge Commons Community about some of our own - the teachers of Knowledge Commons DC! 



How did you find out about Knowledge Commons DC?


From the Washington Post Express’ Fit section. 


What class(es) have you taught?

“Edit Anything” is the only class I’ve taught, but I’ve taught it four times, making me eligible for tenure.

What inspired you to teach/had you ever taught before?

Years of watching people spending huge amounts of money on journalism school inspired me to pass on my knowledge, for free, before I die.



What was your favorite part about teaching?

Learning about snowclones from a student, then adding snowclones to my lesson plan.

What advice would you give to people thinking about teaching?

Don’t teach more than 15 people at once; have pens or pencils for the students; take a sedative beforehand; make a friend be your TA; send people home with something (a handout, a craft, a party favor); revise your curriculum after each class; don’t wear anything scratchy.


 Have you attended any Knowledge Commons DC classes, if so what was your favorite/what did you learn?

I took “Solving Daily Problems with the Scientific Method,” which helped me devise a double-blind study to address a problem at work.


If you could take a free class in anything taught by anyone what would it be? 

I would like to take a free class on the works of author David Mitchell, taught by author David Mitchell.

Lastly, what is your day job?

I’m an editor at the Washington Post Express!

Erika Rydberg, a D.C. transplant from the northernly lands of Boston, got involved with Knowledge Commons DC after an awesome experience in a Brookline, Mass., community skillshare during her college days. By day she works at a library and by night she can be found performing poetry, listening to music, or cooking copious amounts of vegetarian food.