New Year, New Memories

Welcome to 2017!

Like all of your favorite publications, we revel in looking back on what we’ve done this year. Especially considering just how much fun we had: Our classes took students across D.C., where they learned about the city’s history, the people adding to its current chapter, and skills to apply throughout their lives.

We documented everything. Our photo library provides KCDC’s nostalgic daydreamers the opportunity to revisit fond memories as we get pumped for the new year.

From growing herbs to training for the circus, the diversity of our classes and their participants reflects how great you and D.C. are. Relive 2016 through a plethora of themes:

Taste buds: engaged

Creativity: pursued

Bodies: healthy

Other stuff

And we turned five!!!!!

Looking back gets us excited for what’s ahead. In 2017, we’re looking to dive deeper Behind the Scenes and into a variety of learning experiences throughout the District.

Photo credits: Andrew Carpenter, Lexie DeGrandchamp, Elena Goukassian, Ari Hock, Samantha Justice, Michelle KuchinskyErika Rydberg, Yumi Rydlun, Mark Seltzer, Christina Stegura

Andrew Carpenter is a freelance writer who loves to travel in order to learn something about everything. D.C. has become the perfect microcosm for tempering Andrew’s wanderlust and for exploring the best of what people have to offer.

Ari Hock develops digital strategy and manages the social media channels at KaBOOM!, the national nonprofit dedicated to making sure all kids have opportunities to play. He’s led a discussion about the role of Twitter in the 2016 election at the University of Maryland, and he has at least three social media accounts with fake names.