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The Three Sisters Bridge / ep. 3


In the third episode of Then Again, we take a ride on D.C.’s highways and examine the story of the cursed Three Sisters Bridge project.

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Washington Post coverage of the bridge protest. (Courtesy of Matt Andrea.)

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Evening Star coverage of the bridge protest. (Courtesy of Matt Andrea.)

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Then Again takes a deeper look at urban histories. This season, we’ll be unpacking the coming and going of Washington residents by exploring the history of the city’s many forms of transportation. Join us as we uncover the stories and dramas of D.C.’s rivers, streetcars, highways, and airports.

Then Again is produced by Allison Arlotta, Melissa Wadley, Erika Rydberg, Victoria Riechers, David Ramos, and Elena Goukassian, in association with Knowledge Commons DC. Recorded at the DC Public Library’s Studio Lab.

Music: “Rain Stops Play” and “Thought Projection” by Ketsa.


Washington Post coverage of the bridge protest. (Courtesy of Matt Andrea.)

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Allison Arlotta grew up in Takoma Park, and no matter how many times she tries to leave the D.C. area, it keeps sucking her back in. It looks like she’ll finally break free this fall when she joins the Historic Preservation program at Columbia University. Besides shedding a tear when old buildings are demolished, her hobbies include flying trapeze, yelling at the TV, and celebrity gossip.