DC State Fair 2018

photo of fair

Kathy Jentz’s flower arrangement class at the 2017 fair. Photo by Mark Seltzer.

Join KCDC at the DC State Fair, where we’ll be hosting classes on the Education Stage. The fair takes place on Sunday 23 September 2018, at 4th and M streets SW (by the Waterfront Metro).

23 September

DC State Fair: Fingerpainting Fun

time 11 a.m.

Get hands-on with fingerpainting.

user Instructor: Knowledge Commons DC

DC State Fair: Urban Fruit Trees

time noon

user Instructor: Laura Schatzman

DC State Fair: Flower Arranging Demo

time 1 p.m.

Bouquets to amaze!

user Instructor: Kathy Jentz

DC State Fair: DC Rawhides Country Western Dance Workshop

time 2 p.m.

Bring your cowboy boots and your sense of fun.

user Instructor: DC Rawhides

DC State Fair: Food Recovery

time 3 p.m.

Wait! Don’t toss that squash. (Or these chickpeas.)

user Instructor: DC Food Recovery Working Group

DC State Fair: Public Space Recycling with Anacostia Riverkeeper

time 4 p.m.

Reduce. Reuse. RECYCLE. 

user Instructor: Anacostia Riverkeeper

DC State Fair: Washington Improv Theater

time 5 p.m.

Is improv as fun as it looks? Yes!

user Instructor: Washington Improv Theater