From Page to Stage Session 1: The Page

date Sunday, 3 June 2012 time 7 p.m.

Benjamin Batorsky


Session 1: The Page (June 3) In this session, we’ll spend some time exploring the fundamentals of writing poetry, particularly for performance. We will read a few pieces and maybe have someone perform a piece. Then we will discuss issues like: What are some effective writing strategies? What differentiates a page poem from a stage poem? What can you get across in the time you have on stage?

Session 2: Writing (June 10) This session will focus intensely on writing a poem for the stage and participants should leave with a full piece by the end. We will try a few quick exercises to get us going, and then create a safe, calm space for everyone to write.

Session 3: Revising (June 17) Participants should bring a completed piece to the workshop. This will be a traditional workshop format, where we read, discuss, and read some more. This should give the participants some idea where to go with their pieces.

Session 4: Performance (June 24) With revised pieces in tow and having practiced reading it a few times, we will begin the process of bringing the poems to the stage. We will spend the first part of the workshop discussing what makes a good, engaging performance. Then we will each perform our poems and give feedback, focusing on the performance aspect.

Session 5: Stage (Decided upon with group during Session 2) I want to organize with an existing open mic to bring the workshop to the event. Ideally, the participants would be the features, getting a chance to really put their work out there and see how it feels.

NOTE: this is a serial class, and students are building upon what we work upon during each session. Please plan on attending all 5 sessions. Come with writing materials and ready to spit.


National Sylvan Theater (Washington Memorial Drwy Southwest, Washington, DC 20024)

Address will be emailed upon registration.

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