How to Be a Walking Calendar

date Wednesday, 7 March 2012 time 6 p.m.

Ed Mulrenin


This goal of this course is teach attendees how to compute the day of the week quickly in their heads. Despite its relative simplicity, it seems that no one except a handful of stand-up comics, savants, and a few determined people have taken the time to master this extremely useful technique. Attendees will also learn how to do the technique in reverse, that is, calculate the month, the day or even the year if the other elements of a date are known.

This course is for anyone who can do simple arithmetic (e.g., 27-21=6) and who wants to break away from the shackles of having to consult his or her calendar (paper or electronic) to find any one of the four missing components of a date, that is, the day of the week, the month, the day or the year. It is also for anyone who wants to use this technique for fun (e.g., a neat party “trick,” although this is not a trick), profit (e.g., one of the few people I taught was a waitress who increased her tips by asking her customers their birth dates and then telling them the day of the week they were born on), or curiosity (e.g., a nuclear physicist I taught was just as curious about this “formula” as much as any he came across in his job).


The Sports Club/LA Cafe in Foggy Bottom (1170 22nd Street NW)

Address will be emailed upon registration.

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