Imaginative Exercise: City As A Playground

date Saturday, 29 October 2011 time 11:30 a.m.

Graham King


Imaginative Exercise: The Park WOD (for Workout of the Day) is a two-part class that will teach the student how to use local parks and playgrounds to create a fun, challenging, and invigorating workout. The focus at the park will be on using your imagination to create different exercises and challenges. We will also use sites such as to track the distance run between each park. Each student will walk away with the knowledge of how they can use a park or playground to start, maintain, or improve a health and fitness program. Classes will meet at a local park, go through a warmup, and then use the apparatus for a short workout. We will then run to another nearby park, go through a different series of exercises and then run back to the first for a cool down. Students should dress appropriately and bring water.


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