Introduction to ASL and Deaf Culture

date Saturday, 8 September 2012 time 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

👤 Andrea Larreta 🏢 Old City Farm and Guild


This course introduces American Sign Language as well as Deaf culture. We’ll break up the class into 3 parts with short breaks in between. The first two sections will be “Voice Off” but for the third section, students may turn their voices on again, for an immersion approach to ASL.
We will  begin with the alphabet, fingerspelling, and numbers. In the next section we will learn some “survival” signs: basic words and phrases such as, “please” “thank-you” “where is the restroom?” and so forth. In the third section, we will explore Deaf history in America, sign languages in general, Deaf art, and give students resources such as websites, films, and schools they can check out to further their studies.

Please bring something to share potluck style.  We’ll learn some food related survival signs and the difficulties of communicating with your hands full of snacks.


Old City Farm and Guild
925 Rhode Island Ave. NW
Washington, DC
Neighborhood: Shaw

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