Know Thyself: Why Happiness Is Up to You

date Wednesday, 15 May 2013 time 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

👤 Linda Peia 🏢 Above the Bike Shop


Who we are is not determined by the position of the planets at our birth, by our genes, or by our environment. As adults, we can develop qualities, such as empathy and self-control, that were once viewed as cemented during childhood.

Biochemist-turned-Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard has, for example, shown that we can train our minds in habits of well-being. The beauty of these findings is that we have the final say over who we are. Or, as psychologist Sheena Iyengar eloquently put it, “choice gives us permission to imagine a better self, and it holds the promise that we can create that self through our own volition. In so many ways, choice is about possibility.”

Inspired by the work of psychologists and neuroscientists, this interactive course examines the latest breakthroughs in how we can lead happier, more successful lives. You’ll gain greater self-understanding and become empowered with both the confidence and tools to make positive changes in your life.


Above the Bike Shop
2501 Champlain St. NW
Washington, DC
Neighborhood: Adams Morgan
Access to this location requires climbing a flight of stairs.

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