Lesser-Known D.C. Monuments, Memorials, and Landmarks

date Sunday, 4 May 2014 time 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

👤 Anastasia Kolobrodova 🏢 Qualia Coffee


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Why does D.C. have a Titanic Memorial? What’s a boundary stone? Is there a bronze statue of Einstein in whose lap I can sit?

This 15-mile bike tour of obscure D.C. memorials and landmarks will answer questions you didn’t know you had about under-the-radar treasures on our city’s streets.

This class is for cyclists fast or slow, but you should be able to bike 20 miles at a leisurely pace (including some hills).

We will meet in front of Qualia Coffee. The rough route can be found here.


Qualia Coffee
3917 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington, DC
Neighborhood: Petworth

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