Meditation and Creativity: Leaping Beyond the Confines of the Conditioned Mind

date Monday, 11 March 2019 time 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

👤 Eliza Barclay, Jeff Colombe 🏢 cove Dupont


Humans are often confronted with uncertain situations in which we discover our mental habits and instincts are insufficient. We can think of creativity as spontaneously looking for solutions in these situations, and recognizing and be willing to act upon them. As it turns out, meditation has been shown to improve cognition and emotional response to help us navigate these situations.

In the first hour of this class, Eliza Barclay will introduce the practice of mindfulness meditation and lead a guided session of basic meditation, followed by a brief discussion of the experience.

In the second hour, neuroscientist and long-time meditator Jeff Colombe will give a talk on the science of meditation and creativity. The talk will focus on one of the biggest quandaries that requires creativity: how to expand awareness beyond the confines of the “narrative self” assigned to us by our experience and conditioning, and ask the questions, “Who or what am I?” and, “What is possible for me?”


cove Dupont
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Neighborhood: Dupont Circle

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