Perceptions of Taste

date Monday, 10 September 2012 time 6:30 p.m.

👤 Michael Durante 🏢 Wangari Gardens


Everyone has favorite foods. Most also harbor ill will towards some food items; some even discriminate against entire cuisines! In this class, we will first learn about some of the more boring aspects of how taste works. Then we’ll play a bunch of taste-test games to experiment with our own taste buds. Can you taste the difference between grass-fed beef and the grocery store stuff? A garden tomato from the gas-ripened one? Bottled water from DC tap? Coke vs Pepsi?

We’ll end with a reflection discussion on the physical/mental divide in taste perception. Is your tongue really the master of your palate?

Note:  There is a $5 materials fee for this class.  Free isn’t really free if our instructors have to foot the bill, so we ask students to help cover costs for classes where food is consumed or you get to take projects home.  If you are unable to attend due to materials fees, shoot us an email at and we’ll work something out.


Wangari Gardens
Kenyon St and Park Pl NW
Washington, DC
Neighborhood: Columbia Heights

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