Poetry of Public Art

date Sunday, 24 June 2012 time 3 p.m.

Neha Misra


We live in a city of museums filled with world famous art collections and artists of all kinds. Yet, some of the most beautiful pieces of art are not to be found in any museum but out there where life happens - on the main streets, side alleys, deserted plots, store shutters, electric boxes and side walls all over DC. This class is an invitation for you to rediscover DC ( and yourself!) through its public art. Come be the voice of DC’s Public Art. All students will capture images of public art in run up to the class. You could take one or as many photos/video vignettes of art that captures your imagination on DC streets - graffiti, murals, a child’s chalk drawing on walk to home…anything! ( If you need suggestions where to find it ..contact your teacher!)

The class will begin with a discussion of discovery of public art that you might have paid little or no attention to before. This will be followed by a free writing exercise to capture the experience …poetry of public art! We will create an online footage of the art and writing to give voice to DC’s public art which is our - we the public!! Art is everywhere - so come open your eyes!


A friendly group house in Columbia Heights (email us for details)

Address will be emailed upon registration.

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