The Rise of Chimerica: Closing the China-USA Gap

date Saturday, 15 October 2011 time 1 p.m.

Pan Hu


Join Pan Hu for an interactive lecture on Chinese-American relations. An epochal change in world history is taking place today, with China becomnig a leading member of the global community and evaluating its ties to the United States. As China continues to cherry-pick Western expertise to support its rapid economic and social development, the West becomes increasingly impressed by China’s seemingly solid cultural traditions and foundations of civilization.

There’s huge potential for peacful interaction and exchange - how do we get perspective on our growing interdependency and realize this utopian future? This class provides a framework to assess and scrutinize Chinese and American traditions through the lens of Sino-American cooperation and history.


Lao Gai Museum 1734 20th St. NW

Address will be emailed upon registration.

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