Silkscreen Rock Posters (or anything else) in a Phone Booth

date Wednesday, 20 June 2012 time 6:30 p.m.

Anthony Dihle


This is a crash course where we’ll discuss how to start a design-to-print silkscreen operation in a limited amount of space.

A nice screenprinting setup can cost many thousands of dollars in exposure units, drying systems, darkrooms, and vacuum-powered tables. Or you can do it in a studio apartment with a table, closet, running water, and a lightbulb (both figurative and literal). We’ll discuss taking your design from a layered digital file to film, burning screens to make stencils, and using the screens to put ink on paper. We’ll also discuss how to get poster clients, and what to do with those posters once you’re finished.

Students will have the opportunity to make a one color print using a pre-made screen, so dress to get inky.

Update 5/21: The class is full, and the waitlist is about twenty students long. There’s still space in other creative classes


Pleasant Plains Workshop (2608 Georgia Ave NW)

Address will be emailed upon registration.

Past event