Solving Daily Problems with the Scientific Method

date Tuesday, 4 October 2011 time 6:30 p.m.

Paula Moran


Have you ever been asked, “what is your reasoning behind that recommendation?” or “justify your decision.” In an era of fiscal restriction and competition for resources your justification can decide your fate. For centuries the scientific method has been used to gather data, generate conclusions and make recommendations. Harness the power of this method and leave the course with an action plan to gather your own data and help solve a problem in your professional or personal life.

This interactive course contains 4 segments: 1) The nature of the scientific method: the elements, epistemology and limits of the scientific method. 2) The nature of measurement: how to identify measure and control variables, error and bias. 3) Analysis: now that you have data what do you do with it? Determining types of relationships between variables and recognizing if there is not a relationship. Individuals looking for new methods of problem solving and those who are tasked with justifying decisions or recommendations with data. 4) Next steps: recognizing applicability, presenting conclusions and making the decision about further research or experiments.

Participants will develop the different pieces of their action plan during the 4 segments of the course. Come with any and all questions, ranging from “When is the optimal time to put my baby down for a nap?” to “Which exercise works best for me?” to “How many drinks should I limit myself to at company parties?”


Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library Room A-9

Address will be emailed upon registration.

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