Yoga Demystified

date Wednesday, 7 March 2012 time 6:30 p.m.

Guerrilla Yoga DC


What is yoga? Who created yoga? And, why is it proliferating everywhere, with so many different approaches and brand names? Flow, Power, Bikram, Hot, Cold, Yin, Yang…the list is confusing and endless.

My goal is to demystify yoga for you. Sign up if you want to shed some light on the aspects of yoga that you won’t find in a studio. We’ll cover basic poses (asana) and their therapeutic benefits, breathing exercises (pranayama) for energy, clarity, and detox, and meditation (dhyana), along with the philosophy that ties these together.

Armed with this new context, you’ll be able to comfortably attend most other yoga classes without becoming flustered by their esoteric yogi-speak, knowing simply that you’ll always be able to reconnect to your own divine inner peace.

Suitable for all levels, including beginners. Dress comfortably, come prepared to stretch, and refrain from eating a heavy meal beforehand. Feel free to bring a healthy snack / fruit to share afterwards.


The Glow House (3110 13th st NW)

Address will be emailed upon registration.

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