20 April 2017

Class Report: Heighten Your Senses in Nature

By Andrew Carpenter

Even steps away from one of D.C.’s busiest roads, nature abounds — if you take the time to look for it.

13 April 2017

Class Report: Who’s That Dead White Guy on a Horse? A Walking Tour

By Oana Leahu-Aluas

A walking tour of downtown D.C.’s statues reveals the history and politics behind these prominent features.

6 April 2017

Class Report: Beginner Basket Making

By Andrew Carpenter

We all used the same instructions, but came up with vastly different baskets. The one commonality: They each managed hold something!

9 March 2017

Class Report: Zydeco in Two (Easy) Steps

By Andrew Carpenter

KCDC stole the hot sauce. (How does that have anything to do with dancing? Find out!)

1 February 2017

KCDC Loves DIY Spaces

By Knowledge Commons DC

Without DIY spaces, we wouldn’t have had a space for our 5th birthday party … actually, we probably wouldn’t have had a 5th birthday.

11 January 2017

New Year, New Memories

By Andrew Carpenter and Ari Hock

Can you find yourself in one of these photos? If not, try again next year. (Oh, it is next year already; see you at a class soon!)

8 December 2016

Class Report: Boom! Your Guide to Surviving a Nuclear Attack

By Andrew Carpenter

Shockwaves, blast radii, nuclear fallout … ice-nine won’t save you, but this class just might.

1 December 2016

Class Report: Music Discovery Lab

By Andrew Carpenter

“If you can count to four, you can play the drums.”

22 November 2016

Class Report: A Walking Tour to Remember

By Ari Hock

A memorable walking tour weaves a theme throughout its stops, but a sunny day and beautiful fall foliage don’t hurt either.

27 October 2016

Class Report: Behind the Scenes — Pleasant Pops

By Ari Hock

Students sampled free pops while gaining a better understanding of what it takes to start a small business.

20 October 2016

Teacher Feature: Who’s That Dead White Guy on a Horse? Jessica Unger Answers

By Rebecca Kraybill

Jessica Unger’s upcoming class will examine the aesthetics, history, and politics of statues in D.C.

8 September 2016

Then Again Podcast: National Airport / ep. 4

By Allison Arlotta

In the fourth episode of Then Again, we examine the dramatic history of National Airport and highlight the hard work of President Roosevelt that made the airport possible.

11 August 2016

Then Again Podcast: The Three Sisters Bridge / ep. 3

By Allison Arlotta

Take a ride on D.C.’s highways and examine the story of the cursed Three Sisters Bridge project.

2 August 2016

Class Report: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

By Samantha L. Justice

A happy group of self-healing organisms learns more about the amazing energy of both mind and body.

29 July 2016

Class Report: Mass Incarceration in America

By Natalie Chwalisz

Distressing statistics and heartbreaking personal stories set the backdrop for a frank discussion of America’s mass incarceration epidemic.

25 July 2016

Then Again Podcast: Streetcars / ep. 2

By Allison Arlotta

In the second episode of Then Again, we uncover the history of D.C. streetcars and examine the electric railway that once took Washingtonians all the way to the Chesapeake Bay.

5 July 2016

Then Again Podcast: Steamboats / ep. 1

By Allison Arlotta

In this premiere episode of Then Again, we explore Washington’s once booming steamboat excursion industry and speak with author Patsy Mose Fletcher about its history of segregation.

24 May 2016

Five Years, Five Classes, Five Dollars

By Geoff Patterson

It’s been an awesome five years. Help us celebrate!

10 May 2016

Class Report: Behind the Scenes — Right Proper Brewpub Shaw

By Leah Gitter

“Mmmm beer …,” said students, as they sampled and learned.

14 April 2016

Some Last-Minute Tax Advice!

By Alex Zielinski and Michelle Kuchinsky

Taxes are due on Monday. Are you still procrastinating? Let us help you out!

4 April 2016

It’s Cherry Blossom Season…

By Alex Zielinski

Haven’t seen the cherry blossoms yet? Here are some tourist-free places you can go, plus a history lesson.

7 December 2015

Teacher Feature: Adam Schaeffer

By Lexie DeGrandchamp

Adam teaches 3-D printing so that students actually understand it.

27 November 2015

Class Report: Stress Relief With Laughter Yoga

By Samantha L. Justice


25 November 2015

Class Report: Let’s Get Weird: Intro to Performance Art

By Carolyn Harf

Students learned how professional artists get weird, then got weird themselves. Chairs, cloaks, and a pushbroom were involved.

27 October 2015

Teacher Feature: Sam Huang

By Lexie DeGrandchamp

Meet KCDC’s long-time drawing instructor, and read about his inspiring teaching philosophy.

25 October 2015

Class Report: Achieving Your Fitness Goals, One Step at a Time

By Samantha L. Justice

The first class in KCDC’s pop-up space set students up for fitness success.

21 October 2015

Teacher Feature: Neal Fersko

By Lexie DeGrandchamp

Meet the KCDC instructor behind “Seven Lessons We Learned From Frank Sinatra” and “A People’s History of Madonna.”

26 September 2015

Class Report: Behind the Scenes — Glen’s Garden Market

By Emily Long

Glen’s <3 local food, and students <3 Glen’s.

30 July 2015

Class Report: Comics Journalism

By Leah Gitter

A professional comics journalist discussed what’s possibly the coolest job ever created in the universe.

Class Report: RAW Power: Getting the Most From Your Photographs With RAW Files

By Samantha L. Justice

How the RAW format eats JPEGs for breakfast.