31 May 2013

Class Report: We’ve Got Spirits!

“I think everyone in Washington is dedicated to this topic,” says teacher Liz about booze and bartending.

30 May 2013

Class Report: Discover the District’s Jazz Age Poets

What was going on in D.C. during the Harlem Renaissance? A lot.

25 May 2013

Class Report: Crash Course in Ruby on Rails

Students who arrived with naught but basic HTML left knowing lots of other acronyms. Like CRUD.

Class Report: How to Complain Effectively to the Government

In which Patrick and Kevin taught KCDCers the best ways to make their Congresspersons, councilmembers, ANCs, and cable companies listen and obey.

24 May 2013

Class Report: Word Games to Work Out Your Verbal Imagination

By Sonia Booth

KCDCers learned to play the mind-bending game “Psychologist” — and you can, too! We posted the rules.

22 May 2013

Class Report: Looking Closer: A Photographic Image-Making Workshop

In this class, KCDCers learned the difference between image-taking and image-making.

21 May 2013

Class Report : Get Ready for the World Cup: Portuguese 101

Aprendendo sobre Português, com apenas um pouco de ajuda do Google Translate!

Class Report: Rags to Rugs

Old T-shirts causing you chagrin? These students learned to turn them into hyper-chic rugs! 

18 May 2013

Class Report: Intro to Lockpicking

It’s the class everyone wants to take. How did the mysterious teacher get his start?

11 May 2013

Class Report: Before the Party: The Business of Event Planning

Students learned the five As — Atmosphere, Arrival, Appetite, Amusement, and Appreciation — and how to not start fires.

Class Report: “Making Do” in the Kitchen, Chinese-Style

The “easiest, best meal of your life” (according to the KCDC organizer on the scene) awaits your click.

7 May 2013

Teacher Feature: Meet Hanna Sherrill

By Sami Simon

So many teachers and so little time! Let’s get to know Hanna Sherrill, a woman for all seasons including and teacher for the upcoming class “Be Handy”. 

3 May 2013

Class Report: Interactive Creative Writing

Choose Your Own Adventure for grown-ups.

Teacher Feature: Meet Sam Huang

By Sami Simon

We are excited to introduce to you Sam Huang: restaurateur by day, pencil artist by night!