9 June 2014

Class Report: Who Runs the World? Beyonce’s Feminist Theory

Beyonce runs the world, the class decided. Or if she doesn’t, she should.

8 June 2014

Class Report: Make a Camera Obscura

By Heidi Zheng

1, cut a hole in a box;
2, put your head in that box;
3, let light through that box;
And that’s the way you do it.

6 June 2014

Class Report: Music Theory: A Crash Course

By Daniel Hollander

Music theory = Math. How you feel about math will determine how you feel about music theory.

1 June 2014

Class Report: Basketweaving From Scratch With Scraps

By Sonia Booth

What can you make from unspooled VHS tape, old ads, and shopping bags? Besides a mess? A woven basket.

Class Report: Easy Vegan Cooking With Brainfood

By Heidi Zheng

You’re going to really regret missing this class once you see these pics of the good time being had by all. Maybe next time!