October 2012 Intersession

6 October

Seed Saving

KCDC Event time noon

Autumn is harvest time in the garden and not just for your fruits vegetables. It is also time to start collecting your plant’s seeds. Many of your annual and perennial flowers are setting seed-heads and are about to burst open. Catch some of them before they do and you’ve got a head start on your garden for next year.

user Instructor: Kathy Jentz

13 October

All Journalism School in a Day

time 10 a.m.

Learn the basics of journalism in five hours.

user Instructor: Team J-School

20 October

The Red Line D.C. Project

time noon

Join Knowledge Commons DC and Bloombars for a screening of  a two-part documentary short on the Red line metro and its surrounding graffiti.

user Instructor: Saaret Yoseph

27 October

Explorative Jogging: Cemetery Edition

KCDC Event time 3 p.m.

Our special Halloween class! Join Meghan for a cemetery jogging tour and be inspired to conceptualize more stimulating and explorative running routes.  You’ll will run through five cemeteries in a one to two-hour jog at a slow and steady pace.

user Instructor: Meghan Hardy