Five Years, Five Classes, Five Dollars

A grand opening party kicks off our first session on June 2, 2011. Notice any familiar faces?

As a free school with no fixed location, KCDC hosts classes in an exciting variety of venues throughout the city. However, this model also provides scheduling challenges: We may have two classes one day, then none the following day, based on the availability of our space partners. Or — in the case of Wednesday, June 1 — we may end up with five classes on the same evening. (Oops!)

Lemons, lemonade, and a tired cliché later, we decided that this coincidence is a perfect way to both celebrate our 5th birthday and raise money to ensure that five more birthdays follow. Well, hopefully a lot more than five…

In honor of this milestone birthday — as well as the wonderful group of students, teachers, and volunteers who make KCDC possible — we’ve arranged for a $5 donation to KCDC for each student who attends one of the five simultaneous classes listed below. This donation comes at no cost to you, but of course we won’t stand in your way if you are eager to contribute further.

It’s attendance and not just registration that counts, so please do not sign up for all five classes. (Unless you are Hermione Granger, in which case please share that Time-Turner with the rest of us.)

Regardless of whether you are able to join us on June 1, make sure you also check out the rest of our summer 2016 session. See you at an upcoming class!

Update: Including our lovely volunteer facilitators for each class (thank you!), we had 67 registrations and 54 students in attendance at these classes, for a total donation of $270. Great job, everybody.

Geoff Patterson is a KCDC organizer, avid trail runner, and general outdoor enthusiast. When he’s not reading historical fiction, explorer nonfiction, or for KCDC’s Queer Book Club, he is constantly looking for suggestions to add to his never-ending reading queue. (It’s more a stack than a queue; but all that really clarifies is that it’s hard to shake the nerdiness of a day job in software!)