Teacher Feature

Sam Huang

Sam Huang teaches “Drawing With a No. 2 Pencil” in May 2013.

Artist and yoga enthusiast Samson Huang enjoys the thrill of teaching. “I receive immense joy from seeing the ‘ah ha!’ moment on my students’ faces,” he says. “I love to pass knowledge on to others.”

Though most of Sam’s creative projects are paintings, he’s taught three drawing classes for KCDC. He derives most of his teaching satisfaction from connecting with each of his students on an individual level. “Even though I have one lesson plan and 15 to 20 students, I provide support for that individual,” he says. “One size does not fit all.”

Sam’s favorite teaching moments come from pushing his students to discover their own talents. “I recall teaching a KCDC still life drawing class where one particular student proclaimed that she ‘sucks at art’” at the start of the lesson, Sam remembers. He worked with her throughout the class and, “at the end of the lesson, I asked her to reevaluate her own artwork. She was pleasantly surprised,” he says. “I was so happy she pushed through a personal barrier to realize she has the talent to create art.”

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Registration for Sam’s latest class, “Art Therapy to Inspire and Be Happy,” opens Nov. 25.