Spring Intersession 2014

23 March

Matcha, Genmaicha, Cha Cha Cha: Green Tea 101

time 3 p.m. 📷 Documentation

Learn to understand and prepare this viridescent beverage. And what “viridescent” means.

user Instructor: Erika Rydberg

26 March

The Mysteries of the 1040 Form and Other Tax Basics

time 6:30 p.m. 📷 Documentation

Understanding the tax system might not make doing taxes more fun, but … actually, it will make doing taxes more fun. Promise!

user Instructors: Erica Zimmerman, Gabrielle Sims, Michelle Kuchinsky

27 March

Democratizing Wealth: Getting Involved With a Credit Union

time 6:30 p.m. 📷 Documentation

Should you join a credit union? For that matter, what IS a credit union? It’s a lot more than a bank, that’s for darn sure.

user Instructor: Jeremy Mohler

29 March

Money Resolutions 101: Planning for the Future

time 1 p.m. 📷 Documentation

401Ks aren’t sexy, but neither is hoarding gold bullion under your bed. (OK, that’s a little sexy. But not practical!) Stop living paycheck to paycheck and set an agenda for the coming decades.

user Instructor: Jon Menaster

Recycling D.C.’s Nutrients Back to Its Soils

time 2 p.m.

Tour DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant to find out how sewage is transformed into healthy meals for plants.

user Instructor: Bill Brower

30 March

Growing the D.C. Foodshed

time 11 a.m.

What’s a foodshed and why/how should we grow it? Attend this class and you’ll know.

user Instructor: Mark Guillaudeu