July 2013: Spies, Lies, and Disguise

KCDC presents Spies, Lies, and Disguise, an exploration of espionage, intelligence, cryptography, and surveillance.

session poster

Our next full session is September.

Pictured, clockwise from top left: U–2 spyplane, carrier pigeon, magnifying glass, coins, sunglasses, Nagra SN audio recorder, coin, French passport, and U.S. passport.

15 July

Concealed Devices, by the Book

time 7 p.m.

Transform vintage books into covert tech organizers in this crafty session, part of DC Public Library’s Creative Class series.

user Instructor: DC Public Library staff

Intro to Lockpicking

time 7 p.m.

This hands-on workshop will teach you the basics of how pin-tumbler locks work and how to exploit them.

user Instructor: Bradford Barr

16 July

Disguise Techniques of the CIA

time 7 p.m.

Take an intrigue-filled stroll through downtown with a former CIA disguise tech.

user Instructor: Covert Courtney

17 July

Crypto: Unplugged

time 7 p.m.

Learn to keep your secrets secret — all without computers. Thwart PRISM with nought but pen and paper!

user Instructor: Bradford Barr

18 July

A Third-Rate Burglary Attempt

time 8:30 p.m.

It’s been four decades since the Watergate scandal. Come watch All the President’s Men.

user Instructor: KCDC

20 July

Tradecraft and Countersurveillance for the Amateur

time 5 p.m.

Using techniques from British spy agencies, you’ll hit the streets and endeavor to keep secrets from your fellow students.

user Instructor: David Ramos